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DVB Consortium Moves To Bring Linear TV Into The Internet Age


DVB Consortium Moves To Bring Linear TV Into The Internet Age

In February 2004, Hughes announced its intent to focus solely on its satellite television operations and divest its other interests, renaming itself The DirecTV Group, Inc. on March 16, 2004, and changing its ticker symbol from "HS" to "DTV".[35] In April of that year, it sold its controlling interest in PanAmSat to a private consortium led by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts for $3.53 billion.[36] On April 22, 2005, DirecTV spun off Hughes Network Systems into a separate entity and sold 50% of the new entity to SkyTerra, acquiring $157.4 million in the transaction.[37] In January 2006, DirecTV sold its remaining 50% share in Hughes Network Systems to SkyTerra for $100 million.[38] The sale effectively ended DirecTV's 20-year existence through Hughes Electronics as a technology conglomerate, leaving it solely with its satellite television services.

DirecTV offers movie and special event programming through the DirecTV Cinema service; originally a pay-per-view service (with programs purchased either over the phone, or via remote if a phone line was connected to the DirecTV receiver), advances in technology have enabled DirecTV to expand into a true video on demand service; access to this service requires an internet connection.

According to a recently released report from researcherRethink TV, spending on addressable advertising worldwide reached $15.6 millionin 2019 and will top $85.5 billion by 2025, counting connected TV (CTV) and VODas well as legacy linear TV advertising. But these totals, which take intoaccount higher CPM rates generated by addressable advertising, are projected toaccount for just 8.5 percent of all TV ad impressions five years hence.

The growing demand for sell-side solutions optimized for the multi-platform addressable advertising environment has prompted a re-organization at Imagine Communications under new CEO Tom Cotney. The company has folded advertising-related solutions into the Ad Tech business led by Sarah Foss with the other operating company, Imagine Playout and Network Solutions, headed by Steven Reynolds. Ad Tech brings together a broad range of solutions from basic inventory management to dynamic placement execution and performance analysis, Foss says.

I mean, we know the U.S. and the U.K are separated by a common language. You call it sidewalk; I call it a pavement. You go up in an elevator; I go up in a lift. We do need in metadata terms to try to make sure that everything is named as correctly as we can. It might sound a bit dull in a very exciting landscape, but those are the sorts of things we know work back in the linear world, and if we can begin to bring them in, we can shoot for the stars.

RISE 6G (Reconfigurable Intelligent Sustainable Environments for 6G wireless networks) is one of the significant projects launched in 2021 [61]. The project exploits Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) technology. RIS will become one of the powerful developing technologies in the future. RIS deals with the dynamicity of radio wave propagation control. It allows the perception of the wireless environment as a service. RISE 6G seeks to improve 6G capabilities for a sustainable, flexible, and intelligent wireless environment by exploiting RIS. The project will face four challenges related to RIS [62]. First, the actual RIS-assisted signal propagation will be modeled. Second, the new network architecture will be merged with multiple RISs. Third, several use cases will be designed to empower QoS, such as precision localization, green communication, power consumption, and massive capacity in a dynamic wireless programmable environment. Fourth, a prototype benchmark will be recommended for novelty based on two complementary proceedings. The project participates in standardization and brings its technical vision into the industrial implementation [63].

Real-Time Professional Media over IPIn order to become more agile in operations and lev


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