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Hindi Movie Money Hai Toh Honey Hai Full Movie Hd 1080pl ((LINK))


Hindi Movie Money Hai Toh Honey Hai Full Movie Hd 1080pl ((LINK))

Money Hai Toh Honey Hai: A Comedy of Errors

Money Hai Toh Honey Hai is a 2008 Hindi comedy film directed by Ganesh Acharya and starring Govinda, Manoj Bajpayee, Aftab Shivdasani, Hansika Motwani, Celina Jaitly and Upen Patel. The film revolves around six individuals who inherit a 1000-crore company but have to repay a 1200-crore loan while being under house arrest.

The film is a comedy of errors as the six characters face various challenges and mishaps in their quest to clear the debt and make their own fortunes. The film features a mix of humor, romance, drama and action, with a twist in the end.

Money Hai Toh Honey Hai was released on 25 July 2008 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The film was praised for its performances, especially by Govinda and Manoj Bajpayee, but criticized for its weak script, direction and music. The film was a box office flop, earning only 8.5 crores against its budget of 28 crores.

However, the film has gained a cult following among fans of Govinda and comedy films. The film is available to watch online on platforms like YouTube[^1^], JioCinema[^2^] and ZEE5[^3^]. The film has a runtime of 2 hours and 17 minutes and is rated U/A by the CBFC.The film is directed by Ganesh Acharya, who is also a renowned choreographer and actor. He makes a special appearance in the film as a film director who offers Ashima a role in his movie. The film is written by Muazzam Beg, who also wrote the screenplay for Rockstar (2011). The film's music is composed by Nitz 'N' Sony, a duo of Nitin Arora and Sony Chandy. The film features songs like "Awaara Dil", "Chhuriyaan", "Ta Na Na" and "No Big Deal". The film's soundtrack was released by Eros Music on 26 June 2008.

The film has a star-studded cast of Govinda, Manoj Bajpayee, Aftab Shivdasani, Upen Patel, Celina Jaitly and Hansika Motwani in the lead roles. Govinda plays Bobby Arora, a carefree and optimistic young man who wants to prove himself to his father. Manoj Bajpayee plays Lallabhai Bharodia, a naive and gullible lottery winner who loses all his money in a scam. Aftab Shivdasani plays Gaurav Negi, a talented copywriter who gets fired from his job and falls in love with Shruti. Upen Patel plays Manikchand Khiralal, a struggling model who uses his charm to seduce older women. Celina Jaitly plays Shruti Badola, a talented dress designer who faces exploitation and harassment in her field. Hansika Motwani plays Ashima Kapoor, a popular TV actress who dreams of becoming a film star.

The film also features Ravi Kishan as Parag Batra, a cunning and ruthless businessman who wants to take over Jaiswal's company. Antara Biswas as Manish Sarrafâs Wife, a prostitute who helps Lallabhai escape from his debtors. Prem Chopra as Krishnakumar / Shehenshah Jaiswal, a mysterious and wealthy man who leaves his company to the six strangers. Archana Puran Singh as Dolly, a middle-aged fashion designer who dumps Manik for another man. Kim Sharma as Sara Das, a journalist who exposes Parag's illegal activities. Jawed Sheikh as Prakash Arora, Bobby's father who disowns him for his irresponsible behavior. Esha Deol as herself, a dancer and singer who performs at the fashion show. ec8f644aee


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