A pest or the perfect dinner plate?

The Eastern grey squirrel looks so cute, but is it really innocent? We are not so innocent !

Our QuantumGhost team is shamelessly Vegan. Our nutrition experts have studied extensively various diets (the Ketogenic diet, the Carnivore diet, or even the Paleo diet) only to conclude that the healthiest choice, that contributes to a better quality of life and longer lifespan is a raw, organic, vegan diet. However, we are reluctant to accept that the Eastern Grey Squirrel is a pest. We regard it equally tasty with other meats, such as beef or chicken, and hence our backyard visitor could also be the perfect opportunity for a decent dinner meal. The taste of the meat has been described as sweet, and this is due to the diet of a squirrel. It will be around during the whole year, foraging equally on nuts and seeds, as well as on fruits. It is not rare for a grey squirrel to eat small insects, birds or even other meat and human snacks such as chocolate or biscuits. We admit that it can cause a lot of damage in our home and garden. It is illegal to release a grey squirrel into the wild, once you have caught it. It is also a bad idea to keep it as a pet. The best option is in our opinion to humanely kill this innocent creature, or even better you may leave it to wreak havoc around your property and eat your food !?

QuantumGhost is our Editorial Board.

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