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Why Aspirin Kills Brain Tumors? A new Fascinating Discovery.

A drug containing liquid aspirin, triacetin and saccharin, is currently is being researched by Dr Richard Hill and his team for its potential brain tumor therapeutic effects.

Dr Hill's (pictured above) research has shown that the drug, known by the code name IP1867B, breaks down the defences of tumours making them more susceptible to powerful immunotherapy drugs and can carry the other more powerful medications across the blood brain barrier. Conventional brain cancer therapies are not powerful enough due to the tumour’s ability to hide from and develop resistance to the treatment, excessive side effects, the treatment not being clinically effective and the lack of penetration through the blood brain barrier. The new drug was shown to avoid these difficulties. In a new study, published in the highly-rated journal, Cancer Letters, IP1867B was shown to reduce the size of adult high-grade glioma brain tumours in a mouse model. Dr Hill mentions: “To produce a completely new drug takes many years and is very expensive. By focusing our efforts on testing novel formulation techniques, we can move closer to a treatment more quickly than would otherwise be possible. We will continue to urgently investigate which drugs will combine most effectively and safely with IP1867B, to improve these results even further and reduce the need for long-term use. There is still much work to be done, but many reasons to be excited for future studies.” Irrespective of the ultimate effectiveness of the particular drug, let us all support brain tumor research with every possible way we can, such as with donations or by raising awareness. A brain tumor is probably one of the worst nightmare scenarios for an individual and for the society: Less than 20% of those diagnosed with a brain tumour survive for more than five years, as compared with 50% for all cancers. We must all take immediate action and support the medical brain tumour research.


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