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About Us

Welcome to Phystro, the most fascinating website for Science & Technology. 

Our Story

Phystro is a non-profit website run by volunteers who love to spread knowledge about the wonders of the universe.

In our website you can:

  1. Shop. There is a wide range of available products, which you may purchase from our Online Store. The products reflect only the highest standards of quality. By buying one of the advertised products or by donating you are supporting the hard work required to create the content of the website, and you give us the chance to create even more awesome content in the future.

  2. Visit our Science & Technology Forum. Our forum is of liberal nature and we hope that it will be a valuable resource for everyone. Become a Member of our website and connect with other Members. You can also join one of our Groups or create your own group.

  3. Access our Online Magazine: carefully selected news, and articles from all areas of science & technology. Make sure to Download our Premium Magazine: it is free and it will take just a few seconds.

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