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  • What is the physics during the "Big Bang"?"
    Modern physics confuses the terms space, time, matter, energy. In reality these words desrcibe the same entity. In the Universe there is also a single law or logic that desrcibes itself. Instead of troubling our minds with independent questions, we can't expect to have a good answer for these questions, unless we can think in terms of the singular intrinsic logic indide the cosmos, that encompases everything. Our questions about the Universe, are not driven by the spirit of this intrinsic logic and hence even questions that may appear significant to us, such as "about The Big Bang", are in reality of secondary importance. The initial state of the Universe, must be a state of unbelievable simplicity and beauty for the human standards and brain, because it is a state of existence described by a mysterious law of self consistency. Our current ignorance and luck of data is combined with poor reason to create a unique blend of monsterous complexity and incomprehensibility. At this moment we know that the total energy inside the Universe must be zero, otherwise it would be unreasonable for a state of positive value to arise from zero. Although it is extremely difficult for us to answer the question of what happened during the Big Bang, the answer is extremely simple and hence it would be unfair for us to continue our mental efforts to answer this question, unless we are willing to view the Universe from a different angle, which would mean to give an answer outside the currently accepted thories. Let us to make this effort in a different place and time, but not at this moment in this FAQ. In the Universe it is unreasonable for both zero and infinity or even finite values to pre-exist for an eternity. The Universe knows about a fourth way of self existence..
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