A New Huge Superchip!

The Cerebras "Wafer-Scale Engine" (CWS) is the largest chip ever built!

The CWS Engine has a surface of 46,225 square mm with 1.2 Trillion transistors and 400,000 cores of artificial intelligence! It is 56 times larger than the largest GPU available today, with 3000 times more memory. GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) are made of silicon and power many of today’s AI applications, and they are more powerful than CPUs (Central Processing Units). One the first "original" GPU was created by NVIDIA in 1999, and it was named "GeForce 256". However, the term "GPU" was first used by Sony 5 years earlier in reference with a PlayStation video game console chip. ATI Technologies are using the term "Visual Processing Unit" or VPU since 2002, for a chip with the same functionalities.

CWS promises to:

1. "Train AI models in a fraction of time, effortlessly".

2. "Unlock new techniques and models"

3. "Exploit model and data parallelism while staying on-chip, as it provides flexibility for parallel execution, supports model parallelism via layer-pipeline out of the box."

4. "Design extraordinarily sparse networks. It will translate sparsity in model and data into performance, via a vast array of programmable cores and flexible interconnect."

We can only wait and watch for the new miraculous applications of this new innovative technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI), has already dominated the world of chess and go (without still being perfect), however everyone needs to see even more dramatic improvements in the future, and with the CWS engine the changes we all dream about are on their way. Stay tuned! You can learn more about the new super-chip by visiting the official webpage of Cerebras:


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