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Exploring a Higher Level of Consciousness

Of course we are are the most intelligent animals in the history of the planet. We often regard other animals such as dogs or cats as far less intelligent, or practically not intelligent at all. We think that they may even not be self aware of their existence. Most of us are so busy with aspects of everyday life and survival that we forget to think in depth about the essence of consciousness. Although, we certainly have almost no clue about its deeper meaning, and the most elementary physical principles on which it based on, we tend to regard consciousness as a binary system.

We usually make the mistake to think of only two possible states: consciousness and unconsciousness, when in reality consciousness is really a wide continuous spectrum. Although we think that we are self conscious, are we really conscious about everything surrounding the essence of our existence? Of course not. We are confused about free will for example. Most of us live under the persistent delusion that we have a free will, and hence we should be independent of the laws of nature. This state of mind could hardly be described as a level of full consciousness, since we are lucking important understanding about the most significant, and at the same time the simplest and the most elementary facts around us and about us.

We also have every reason to suspect that aliens would have find an intelligent way to avoid civil wars and organize the vital function of their society in really simplistic ways that are unimaginable to us. If we are not preparing for a new civil war, then why are we still training our soldiers? However, we have to seriously question ourselves if this global military development is indeed a higher level of mentality or simply a lower level of mentality that would be laughable from advanced aliens. Understanding and mastering the laws of nature is not only about advancing science and everyday well-being but it also has an immediate, decisive impact on politics and on the structure and function of the society.

The best aliens would certainly understand our evolution quite so well, that they would be emotionless in front of our failures and successes. An other significant aspect of intelligence is that it can be additive. No individual would be able to make advancements without cooperation. In a certain way the Earth as a whole, can be thought of as a superhuman alien, with unlimited potential intelligence, and extremely high current intelligence. Perhaps this is the reason of why we feel stressed when we give a speech in front of a wide audience.

Their collective intelligence is often far greater than any individual person on Earth. No individual human would be able to build the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), or even master the whole theory and technical details behind it. No individual human has a good understanding of science. However, as a whole, the scientific community has a level of consciousness far greater than that of any individual alien. Perhaps, this is one more valid argument that would support the significance of destroying our military weapons, and understanding the significance of collective creative endeavor.

In the future, (or at least theoretically speaking), the intelligence of any human being although it is currently limited, it is not limited in space and time, and it can be improved without limits. In the future, we can imagine microchips being added in our brains and treating dementia and even making us tenfold or perhaps 10000 times more intelligent and conscious. Consciousness is certainly a physical phenomenon, and although it is complicated it relies on very simple physical laws, that we may aim to understand in the future, and hence achieve complete liberation from the human brain and body.


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