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Is India Keeping Secret of What Went Wrong with Chandrayaan 2?

Only three nations have sent successful missions to the moon: USSR, USA and China. But it certainly looks somewhat shameful event, exactly 60 years after the first successful moon landing of the soviet spacecraft Luna 2, and with all this significant technological knowledge obtained, for India to experience a failed landing on the Moon. The negative psychological impact of the failed landing perhaps should be significantly reduced in magnitude by the fact that both USA and USSR, had many failed landings on the Moon, namely: The soviet spacecrafts: Semyorka (8K72) and Luna 1, as well as Pionner 0, Pioneer 1, Pioneer 2, Pioneer 3, Pioneer 4, as well as 6 (!!) "Rangers": Rangers 1-6. The first American spacecraft to return photos from the Moon was Ranger 7 on July 1964, 5 years after the Soviet achievement of Luna 2.

However, NASA worked extremely hard from 1964 to 1969 and managed within 5 years to sent people on the Moon (on July of 1969)! It was certainly a big success. However NASA was quite open about the failed missions, which didn't apply to the Soviet Union. The Soviet missions were kept extremely secret, and it is possible that there are still many unknown failures which the Soviet Union has successfully concealed.

Although India is not the Soviet Union, the experts behind the mission of Chandrayaan 2 have every reason to know of what exactly went wrong with the mission and keep it secret from the poor people of India who were essentially funding this expensive project. In our opinion the funding of scientific research should be more carefully selected, the moment when there are so many people suffering on Earth from poverty and diseases. It would be certainly interesting to know of what has happened with water on Mars, or on the Moon, but at this very moment it is much more important for our resources and time to be spent on the most significant issues, due to which the humankind is suffering.

The landing probe with the name: "Vikram" was released from Chandrayaan 2 on the 7th of September 2019. However, the signal was lost just before landing. It is certainly an encouraging fact that the orbiter is functioning well, and will send data for the next 7 years, however it will be unrealistic in our opinion for the Failure Analysis Committee, to be quite open about the reasons of failure.

Being so behind in understanding crucial aspects of human biochemistry, and also with a low moral level that has allowed multiple world wars in the past, it is very crucial at this moment to support our most important weaknesses, before they become even more significant, and painful for us. Moon colonization, and space colonization may happen even much faster if we focus on improving the quality of our life on this planet as much as we can, before making premature considerations of expanding too much into space. They will also be much safer, and with fewer or even no, (otherwise inevitable) human causalities when we wait for ourselves to become more intrinsically scientific mature.


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