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Why the Universe is not Infinite?

Only nothingness can be infinite. The Universe has to limited. It has to follow an intrinsic logic. Physics tries to understand what is the most basic principle of this logic.

There are many books and scientific articles today that are talking about the expansion of space. We were always able to see a very small patch of the real Universe, however we were always keen to believe that what we observe is the whole Universe. There is also a multitude of very simple things that the human brain is unable to understand, but they would look immediately obvious to a much smarter alien. Just think that for thousands of years, humans were unable to understand that two objects of different weight were falling towards Earth with the same speed. One thought that has always fascinated me, and motivated me to keep studying physics with the greatest possible motivation and effort is that in everyday life, for every second that passes away, there are equally simple unsolved mysteries. In front of our nose there is the answer, but we are not smart enough to notice it. We certainly don't have the data for a tremendously large part of the Universe, but the Universe can't be so complicated as modern theories want it to be. There must still be many fundamental principles of nature that can be deduced from the data that are under our nose. We can't have the big picture of the Universe today, not only because we don't have the required data, but also because our brain is limited to understand. In my personal opinion, it would be more beneficial if all our efforts were aimed into understanding about intelligence and how we can make (with the intervention of technology) the human species smarter. It has been a very sobering thought for me, the idea that the intelligence of any person on Earth can be infinitely improved, in theory. It has led me into trains of thought that made me feel infinitely smart. It might appear that the content of this article is a personal opinion rather than science. However, science must be based on logic, and logic is necessarily a personal opinion. Should experimentation also be regarded as a personal opinion? I answer: without logic any experimental result is meaningless.


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